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Although venetian blinds can be used in any room, they are typically used for bathrooms and kitchens. This is because they are easy to install but they are also great for rooms that are likely to have steam/condensation in where material blinds might get ruined. As a venetian blinds Derby based company we’re proud to offer a large range of venetian blinds with an aim of suiting everyone. For starters you’ll have a choice between aluminium and wooden venetian blinds, depending your needs and your personal preference.

Sunview Blinds venetians collection is made up of a range of bright colours, patterns, metallic’s and more which helps to ensure that there is something for everyone. If metal blinds aren’t your thing then our wooden blinds also look great and can be fantastic in a more traditional room, offering up a rustic feel. All of our wood is from renewable materials and of course comes in a range of colours and finishes.

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Go ahead and browse our range of venetian blinds. You’ll find hundreds of different choices which means that however your room is decorated there will be a set of blinds that match this and finish off your room perfectly.